Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews for your company by ProSafe Inc. ProSafe Inc. can provide industrial safety system design and compliance evaluations on machinery and processes to satisfy the requirements of the MOL OHSA
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OSHA Compliance

29 Code of Federal Regulations 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

Machinery and Machine Guarding OSHA 1910 Subpart O

ProSafe Inc. provides standards review to ensure you are in full compliance with OSHA standards.

Who is Responsible?

The end-user (employer) is ultimately responsible for the safety of its workers and compliance with OSHA regulations.  Typically the end user is solely responsible for operating safe machinery and equipment and for ensuring the equipment and machinery they employ meets the requirements of the OSHA Regulations.

Risk Assessment

RIA TR R15.306/ ISO 13849

Risk assessment guidance is intended to be applied in conjunction with the requirements stated in ANSI/RIA R15.06 - Industrial Robots and Robot Systems, ISO 13849-1 - Safety of machinery, ANSI B11.0-2010 - Safety of Machinery, ANSI/ISO 12100 - Safety of machinery, CSA Z1002; Hazard identification and elimination – Risk assessment and control.

ProSafe Inc. provides hazard identification and task-based risk assessments for all automated systems.

Robot Safety

ANSI R15.06/ ISO 10218

Part 1: Specifies requirements and guidelines for the inherent safe design, protective measures and information for use of industrial robots. It describes basic hazards associated with robots and provides requirements to eliminate, or adequately reduce, the risks associated with these hazards.

Part 2: Specifies safety requirements for the integration of industrial robots and industrial robot systems as defined in [Part 1], and industrial robot cell(s).

ProSafe Inc. provides design and build verification for all robot systems including collaborative robots.

Verification and Validation

ANSI R15.06/ ISO 10218

The robot system manufacturer or integrator is required to provide verification and validation of design and construction of robot systems including safeguards.  This involves review of the required risk assessment, visual inspection, operational testing, stop-time testing for safeguarding devices such as light curtains or scanners, review of electrical schematics, including safety PLC and other drawings that apply to the design.

ProSafe Inc. provides third party Verification and Validation for all automated systems.

Machine Guarding


ANSI B11.19 - Performance Criteria for Safeguarding:  for the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of safeguarding in conjunction with the B11 series machine specific standards

NFPA 79 - Detailed information for the application of electrical/electronic equipment, apparatus, or systems supplied as part of industrial machines that will promote safety to life and property

CSA Z432 – Safeguarding of Machinery: provides the criteria to be observed and the description, selection, and application of guards and safety devices.

ISO 13849-1 - Safety of machinery

ProSafe Inc. provides design and build verification for any type of machine guarding.

Pre-Start Health & Safety Review - Ontario, Canada

Ministry of Labour Regulation 851, Section 7 – PSHSR

ProSafe Inc. provides U.S. machine builders with PSHSRs to Canadian businesses.

If you are a machine manufacturer, you may have been requested by a Canadian Business to satisfy all applicable requirements for machine safeguarding.

CSA Standards for Compliance

CSA Z432 - Safeguarding of Machinery

CSA Z434 - Industrial robots and robot systems

CSA Z142 - Code for power press operation

When modifying existing machinery or installing new machinery, it is the responsibility of the employer or end user to determine if a pre-start health and safety review is required.

In general, any new machine not certified with a letter of declaration from the manufacturer or an existing machine being modified requires a pre-start health and safety review if a provision and a circumstance from Ministry of Labour Regulation 851, Section 7 applies.